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The sand quarry operations required a large fleet of 4-wheeled tipping wagons, or “skips”, mostly built in Leeds by Robert Hudson Ltd. Some of these survive in the Leighton Buzzard Railway’s nationally significant museum collection.

Several wooden-bodied "D-type" bogie wagons, built for the First World War battlefield supply lines, were also bought for the transport of bagged sand and other materials, and one of these is preserved in working order. Two others have been rebuilt as passenger coaches 3 and 4, so you can travel on vehicles that may well have transported troops and munitions to and from the Western Front.

The Leighton Buzzard Railway has over 120 wagons in its collection, covering the wide range of industries which once used narrow-gauge railways as an integral part of their operations. Some are still in regular active service, employed on the maintenance of the railway.

Items from our museum wagon fleet are on permanent display at Stonehenge Works station.


Except on the opening day in 1919, when some wagons were fitted with seats for the VIPs, the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway never carried passengers. The heritage railway operation, when it started in 1968, also converted wagons with seats at first, but over the years a collection of dedicated passenger coaches has been bought or built.

Coaches you are likely to see on the passenger service are:

3 & 4

The railway’s first “proper” coaches, built in 1969-70 on the frames of First World War bogie wagons. With their “toastrack” seating arrangement and open sides, they are very popular in warm weather. No 4 has been converted to accommodate wheelchairs in one of its seating bays, and running boards have been fitted to both coaches, to improve passenger safety at stations.


A 4-wheeled brake van with passenger compartment, built on the frame of a Motor Rail “Simplex” diesel locomotive. It is kept in reserve for the bogie coaches with Guard accommodation, and has been adapted for a second role, powering the air brakes for locomotives not fitted with compressors.


Another open-sided “toastrack” coach, built on the frames of a Hudson bogie wagon.


The coach with perhaps the most unusual history, this started life in 1958, as a standard-gauge 4-wheeled diesel railcar, built by Baguley for the Ministry of Defence, who used it on fire protection duties at Bicester, Oxfordshire. It was cut down and converted to an unpowered narrow-gauge bogie coach by Alan Keef Ltd, and fitted out internally to a very high standard.


Built by Hudson in the early 1940s for the RAF, and subsequently converted by them from the open-sided “toastrack” arrangement (see F38 below) to the enclosed coach with longitudinal seating that it is today. Further modified at Leighton Buzzard, with extra windows and ventilation, and a separate Guard compartment.


Enclosed coach with Guard compartment, built at the Leighton Buzzard Railway on the widened frames of an ex-RAF Hudson bogie wagon.


The first coach to be designed and built entirely by the Leighton Buzzard Railway, this is the same general type as No 11, but without the Guard compartment. Part of the coach can be converted to accommodate up to four wheelchair passengers, in the same compartment as the rest of their party. Advance notification is appreciated.


This is what No 9 would have looked like when new. The 1940s “toastrack” design has been reconstructed at the Leighton Buzzard Railway on an original frame, using authentic materials, and finished in correct RAF livery. It has won the Heritage Railway Association coach restoration award. Coach D39, on static display at Stonehenge Works, is of the same design, but was also rebuilt as an enclosed type.

All locomotives and coaches used on the passenger service are fitted with fail-safe air braking equipment. All of our passenger coaches, open and enclosed, are non-smoking, and any breaches of the smoking law should be reported to the Guard.

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