Leighton Buzzard Railway
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Welcome to BUZZRAIL

Official website of the Leighton Buzzard Railway. England's friendly little line!


We are running on:

  Bank Holiday Saturday, Sunday & Monday


To avoid queues and hassle at our busiest time, use our fee-free online booking service! And remember we run enclosed coaches in case the weather is bad


On 12th & 13th September, come and enjoy our annual Steam-Up , with three visiting engines in addition to the "home fleet"--up to nine in total, on passenger and freight workings. Advance tickets now on sale online, or from Page's Park station on operating days.


In this period of commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, what better time to visit a railway that was built immediately afterwards, for a peaceful purpose, but using war-surplus materials and equipment? The peaceful purpose was to transport the high-quality sand which is still quarried in the area, and the line still runs where it was first laid, almost a century ago, even though the surroundings have changed.


Now a nationally accredited working museum, our collection includes several locomotives and other items which actually worked on the supply lines to the First World War trenches, and survived. This includes the newly arrived Brigadelok, which worked briefly on the German side of the trenches, and then for many peaceful years on a French sugar-beet railway.


There are also photo displays about the Great War and its aftermath, for you to explore during the Stonehenge Works runround. And for the real flavour of an authentic English narrow-gauge railway--one which did a REAL job of work before becoming a tourist attraction--visit the free Engine Shed Show at Page's Park station.


We are a non-profit charitable organisation, run and managed by volunteers, and dedicated to the preservation of our historic railway since 1967. We have many openings for anyone who wants to join us, and put a skill to good use, or maybe even learn some new ones. Come and talk to us!

Some recent TripAdvisor reviews:

"Grandchildren loved it": May

"A very nice little railway, well worth a visit": June 

"A great day out (without being ripped off)": July 

"The trip, even though the early part is in suburbia, is beautiful": August

Phone (UK): 01525 373888
Phone (International): +44 1525 373 888
Email: station@lbngrs.org.uk
Web: www.buzzrail.co.uk

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Page's Park Station, Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 4TN. United Kingdom
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